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Why Indians are sad about its country?

What are the things that Indian Government officers do when you don’t give them the bribe that they ask for?

Paying bribe is necessary while taking public service such as schools, hospitals, documents (e.g.passport, ration card), police and utility services.

According to a research of Forbes Inida’s bribary rate is 69%. India is leading in Asia’s most corrupt countries. In 2014 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the election lot of Indian citizens who voted for him expected him to make a change against corruption. But with a huge disappointment nothing changed most.

People paid bribes despite following 100% law compliance to excise, sales tax, factory and many other inspectors every month. Even if all the records are maintained brilliantly the officers will threatened you for scrutiny on some fake allegations. What if you don’t pay? If you don’t pay them you will be slapped with senseless notices that will waste your precious time to handle them.

If at any point of time you need to enter a government office every single person from watchman to clerk takes bribes. It’s true! Even if you want to take your own money as a refund you need to bribe them. You will observe all lazy, sleepy and shameless people sitting on chairs who are in no mood to work unless you put some weight on their table. If you need to get your work done but due to fear of getting caught the officers not openly asking you for a bribe then you can catch agents or brokers who will get your work done for you. These agents have tie up with the officers.

What happens if you don’t bribe?

They will not pass your file for further processing.

If you are powerful then you will not face hurdles but if you are a common man you will have to bear hefty hard earned money.

Trying to raise your voice on social media? Wait! There is a good chance that you may get arrested under the influence of some political party.

To sum up if you want to get your work done, you need to pay despite whatever the so called Jan Kalyan policy says.

And if you have grudges against this, keep it to yourself because there is NO ONE to listen.

So just live your life peacefully and be happy with the surrounding otherwise you will not be able to focus on your core business.

What happens in government offices in India?

Common responses:

  • I am not free come tomorrow.
  • Your file got rejected for XYZ reasons, we are trying to get it done but we cannot assure.
  • Keep the papers and come next month.
  • Get the same copies attested.

Can we stop this ever?

Well I really wish there should be less human intervention in law/rules. All the applications and their status should be made available to the public regarding their status and the timeline implied to complete it. The one I like about EPF system that it made available to the public is a very good initiative.

I think a basic and advance course should be introduced and taught to the children on what to do if a government official asking for a bribe or harassing for not moving your file. Isn’t it? The next generation is going to face it better educate them.

A message to government servants (Servants? God knows why we call them public servants:) )

Yes, sarkari babus we understand that you are hungry for making money and you are certainly not happy with all the perks that you are enjoying in your Sarkari Naukri. You already own a property, has invested some more for your ages to come but still…still it is not enough for you, huh! The salary that you receive is already paid from our own pockets in the form of taxes. Still you appetite never dies. Sad.


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7 Ways To Enjoy This Summer Vacation!

Are you enjoying your holidays or getting bored? Well if you are getting bored, I have some ideas to share with you which will transform your vacations into a joyful ride. Friends’ summer time is a quality time and I wish, you make best of it.

Well at first instance you have opportunity to travel with your family to your native place or to a place that has little to do with rising temperature and the places which are far from city life.

There is a list of places where you can go with your family. When you will come back to your home you will feel more relaxed, fresh and energetic.

I have few more ideas to make your vacations interesting and entertaining

Enjoy your time with your parents, friends and neighbors.


  • Visit new places.
  • Enhance your general knowledge.
  • Show your talent in craft.
  • Read new general knowledge and story books.
  • Games like football, badminton, basketball.
  • Cycling.
  • Skating.

Visit new places: There are plenty of places including your home town to visit. Some of the famous hill stations to visit in summer are Shimla, Mahabaleshwar, Ladakh, Manali, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Mussoorie, Nainital, Ranikhet, Kalimpong, Almora, Pachmari, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Wayanad, Shilong, Munnar, Coonoor etc.

Craft:  Summer vacation is a best time of the year for a perfect outdoor play, but when you are stuck at home to avoid the afternoon heat, you just need some DIY ideas for craft. Create fun and easy craft by using the materials you already have at home. Get crafty during the holidays just for fun! This is a great instant activity for kids.

Play gamesGames not only entertain you but also tones your body muscles.

Badminton: Badminton is a game played with racquet to hit a shuttlecock. With badminton promotes physical fitness which includes core muscles, arm and back muscles. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Football: Football involves kicking a ball with a foot to score a goal. It’s a physically demanding game that provides an opportunity for players to improve their speed, agility, strength, hand-eye coördination and overall cardiovascular endurance.

Skating: Skating is an adventurous and recreational activity, which involves rolling on surfaces using skates.

  • Roller skating : It involves travelling on surfaces with roller skates
  • Inline skating:  This involves skates with one line of wheels.
  • Vert skating:  Ride with inline skates on a vert ramp.
  • Road skating:  It is much like road cycling, the sport of skating on roads.
  • Skateboarding : An action sport which involves riding on skateboard and performing tricks.

Book reading: Books are the best friends. I know that because of the daily school schedule you get a little time to spend on your favorite books. Here are some of my choice books which you may also find interesting and entertaining.

  • Tenali Raman
  • Jataka Katha
  • The best of Panchatantra
  • Great stories for children
  • Fairy tales
  • The Best of Akbar and Birbal
  • Grandma’s bag of stories
  • The Magic of the Lost Temple

Hope you enjoy these books and it will make your vacations awesome. I have provided some links for your reference where you can purchase these books.