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How to learn without Tuitions

I am a student of 4th standard and attend 4 hours school every day. I do not attend coaching class, not because I am brilliant to other students of my age. As per my opinion if a student really want to learn things he need to pay attention to his studies within the school hours. Friends I am a student just like you. I understand that the subjects like Math tuition class is needed for higher grades but that depends on the difficulty level. We come back from school and are tired from all coursework. We already have to do homework by class teacher. Attending tuition after school is harms a student’s personal space.

Let me explore some ideas that will help you to enhance your school subjects and you will have less or NO dependency on coaching classes.

  • Pay attention in school while teacher is teaching
  • Do not shy away to ask the stupidest question and clear all your doubts
  • If still a doubt prevails in your mind take help of your parents and take the help of internet
  • Discipline is must: Prepare your to do list for better preparation of studies
  • Do not mug up
  • Take time for games and sports activities


Paying attention to school: While attending classes make sure that you had enough sleep of 8-9 hours to get a fresh mind. A poor sleep will lead to less concentration and makes creates the class environment as a burden to stay in. Sleep early so that you can start your day on time without compromising your sleep. Do not pay attention to the other students who might distract your attention in the class. Please keep in mind that our parents are paying hefty amount as school fees to provide us a better education and future. It is our sole responsibility to attend what is taught.

Do not shy to ask questions: If you feel discomfort to express your views or questions in front of entire class, speak to your teacher in free time. Teachers definitely understand and support the students who take initiative to learn things. Take participation in extracurricular activities, this will enhance your communication skills not only to interact with your teachers but will also help you to communicate in society.

Take help of your parents: While completing your home work if you strike to a difficult question and unable to understand it, take help of your parents. Parents will guide you better. Sometimes external help of internet is a best solution to find an answer to know the complete logic behind a project or activity.

Discipline: Discipline is must to be successful to each and every person in this world to be successful. For maintaining discipline prepare to do list for your studies that includes your other activities and time allotment. You can take help of your parents to prepare it.

Do not mug up: For many of the students mugging up might be a right option just a day before examination. For your short term goal i.e. examination it is a good idea but in long run you will not be able to sustain with such knowledge. It is necessary to understand the subject, concept and its importance. For the complicated subjects like science it is better to create a flow chart or a diagrammatic representation. Refer to other information which is available from internet related to the subject. If you practice these things you will not be required to mug up things anymore. Remember god has given equal capacity to all of us for learning; it is our attitude that decides our fate.

Take time for games and sports activities: Sports are necessary for mental well being and physical fitness. Entertainment with video games and television makes us lazy and inactive. Sports improve discipline, responsibility, accountability, sacrifice and self confidence.

Our parents are paying hefty amount to the schools to create better career for us. Tuition is not mandatory and it is rather kills’ our precious time and energy. As a child we have right to play and engage in other entertaining activities.

Hope these things will work for you. If you have any new ideas or any suggestion please leave a comment.